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Making a DVD Collection Even More Portable

Posted on March 30, 2016 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Dvd's are smaller than the videos most of us remember (and I'll admit I still have!), so it might not seem like dvd's are that big to carry...but if you want to take a large collection with you, here's a great way to do it...along with tips on seting up yoru system so family members coule be in the back of the coach watching movies as you travel.

Keeping Your Water System Fresh

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Every so often, and at least once a year, you should run some bleach through your water system and saniztize your system. Drain as much water as you can out, put in fresh water and bleach, run it trhough your plumbing, let it sit, and dump it out. Run a tank of fesh water through to get the bleach out. Here's a good explanation of just how to do it:

Trailer Wheel Bearings

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Trailer wheel bearings are SO important. Years ago, when I worked at a local marine store, I can't tell you how many times we got calls from people stuck out along the highway, or stayed late for them to bring in what was left of their old hub and bearings to match it up. Wheel bearings are not that expensive ($20?) and are not that hard to take care of...and yet they can cause immense trouble and delay when they leave you stranded along the side of the road. How do you prevent it? Simple. Once a year, get them replaced or repacked. Some people rely on systems like Beairng Buddy to keep them lubricated, but I agree with the author. It's not that had to take them out and look at them, and repack them properly (with grease). And it's also not that expensive to have a local tire shop do it for you. DON'T be lazy, and don't be cheap. Your wheel bearings protect your hubs from overheating and it's what keeps you going down the highway. Go on You Tube, look it up in a book...or take it to the shop...but take care of your wheel bearings!


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Good Sam chapters are just a part of a much larger organization. The Good Sam CLUB has state directors, and then regional directors. Chapter presidents answer to the state directors, and the state directors answer to the regional directors, who usually manage 3-5 states. Most states have websites, and most states host at least one big rally, called a Samboree, each year. Samborees are a great way to get out and see different places, to meet other like minded people, and just generally to have fun. You can find a list of Samborees here:

Black Water Tank Maintenance Tips

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There are a lot of people who are actualy afraid to use their RV toilets, that wonder what kind of toilet paper to use, or even if they should flush it down the commode. RV toilets are meant to be used, and you shoudn't be afraid of them. But there are a few simple things you can do to keep yoru tanks working well. 

Some folks prefer single ply paper, and use Scott tissue that is available in any supermarket or dicsount store. Some folks just use paper designated for RVs. What makes a certain tissue particularly good for an RV? That it breaks up and dissolves quicker. Want to test yours? Put a sheet of the tissue into a glass of water, shake it up, and let it sit a day. Test it against other brands to see which dissolves and breaks up the best.

Water is another key factor in keeping our of trouble with your blackwater tank. Lots of water. Remember, your plumbing is not a pressure system like at home. Put enough water back in your tank to cover the bottom after you empty it. Fill the commode bowl up with enough water to move solids, and hold the flush valve down long enough to help things along. 

There is a method called the GEO method that suggests using water softener (like Calgon), laundry detergent, and bleach to help cleanse and condition your holding tank. This method is especially often complimented for it's effectiveness in keeping tank sensors clean, so that your gauges read correctly. Rather than repeat the lengthy instructions, here is a link:

If the outside of your black tank is accessible, another thing you might want to do is add an external flush valve. They are not terrible expensive or hard to install. Valterra makes one called No Fuss Flush, another is called the Tornado...there are others. If you can't get to the tank itself, there are other options and accesories similar to the Flush King, that allow you to flush the tank from the outside using a garden hose. 

There are many, many products on the market to cover up holding tank odor...these tips should help you before you need them.

Electric Step Maintenance

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An excellent video posted by Jerry Newberry on the Bounder Yahoo group. How many of us have never seen the underside of our steps, and have not cleaned or lubricated them on a regular basis?

Carrying a Scooter or Motorcycle

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Not everyone wants to tow a car, but still would like to be able to have a way to get around without having to take their motorhome, or even unhook their 5th wheel. There are a couple of options. I've seen people with trailers carrt a scooter or bike up on the bed of a pick-up, and on a carrier betwen the truck and trailer. We have a small enclosed trailer we can use, but we also have a couple of Versa Haul carriers and a much lighter aluminum dirt bike carrier. Carriers slip right into receivers (what you might call your trailer hitch) already on most motorhomes. My Class C had a receiver on the front as well - although you usually can't do that with a Class A because of the frame - so I could carry two bikes without a trailer. Some people carry light scooters on cargo carriers. But another neat option is somethig called a Swivelwheel. There are a few companies that make somethig similar; in some states they may be considered trailers and laws for double towiong would apply if you want t use them with a 5th wheel. But they are very cool carriers...they can't jack knfe! 

5 Gallon Bucket Lights

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Many years ago, when my almost adult son was a Cub Scout, I made a 5 gallon bucket light modeled after one I had seen in a campground. It gives good area light, is cheap to make, can be moved around, and best of all, nobody gets burned or could start a fire light with a gas or propane lantern. 

I simply used old lamp parts. You attach a light bulb holder of some sort to the inside of the lid. I used a lamp cord that had an inline on/off switch. I also made some holes around the top of my bucket to let heat from the bulb out, and I covered them in screen to keep insects out. 


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Whether you buy a new or used RV, make sure the manufacturer knows how to contact you. It doesn't matter if your rig is brand new, or several years old, there can be recalls on everything from engine parts to propane components on the fridge to the door lock. You can call the manufacturer(s) and check, or there are websites online where you can snoop...but do keep in mind that your camper is subject to recalls, just like your everday car...

RV Microwave Convection Cooking

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Some ladies have a good handle on using their microwave convection oven, while others (like me!) don't have a clue how to use one yet. There are a couple of good websites to help....and guys, you can pick up tips here, too!